illness on holiday compensation

Psychology trauma refers to a situation where an individual is severely depressed following an incident and they are unable to cope with the emotions. Events such as threats to life can cause an individual to lose the ability to integrate their emotions. There are various circumstances that cause trauma for example; rape, war (especially for soldiers. They develop post traumatic stress disorder commonly called PTSD). Trauma can lead to the patient developing severe depression. To get illness on holiday compensation. Depression occurs when a person has constant re experiences of the traumatic incidence mentally or physically and turn to psychoactive substances to escape what they feel. They turn into alcohol and drugs that keep the feelings at bay for sometime. Patients sometimes have memory repression. Some end up with nightmares and insomnia which keeps them awake for fear of reoccurrence. Patients suffering from trauma have psychosomatic responses to emotional triggers that cause them to have anxiety and sometimes suffer from panic attacks. In order to prevent this, it is advisable to find the triggers of the trauma and avoid them. As a medical practitioner, try as much as possible to get to the root cause of the trauma and counsel the patient. In sever cases, one can recommend drugs to them like sleeping pills or anti anxiety meds.

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